Cleaver-Brooks Steam Commercial Boilers

The ClearFire-V (vertical design) ClearFire-H (horizontal design) and steam boilers are quiet and compact. They utilize AluFerⓇ tubes with fireside extended heating surface to provide maximum heat transfer. Save on fuel with full burner modulation and high turndown with a variable speed motor. The operation is reliable and maintenance is simple with no dampers or linkages. With no dampers or moving linkages, boiler operation is reliable and maintenance is simplified.

For a tubeless option (10-30 HP), the Model CBT vertical boiler provides 99% dry-quality steam – low or high pressure – all delivered in a compact, easy to service versicle design to effectively and reliably meet your steam process requirements.

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Size Range
10 HP - 80 HP
For comfort heat and process applications for schools, commercial buildings, apartments and decentralized facilities.
Natural gas and propane
150 psig (ClearFire-H/CBT 15 psig)
Up to 85%
less than 20 ppm NOx, less than 10% CO
12 months from start up or 18 from shipment